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NEW Bodytronix XT3 Treadmill (with belt Massage option)

The Bodytronix XT3 Treadmill is a serious workout machine with features hard to find in this price bracket.

Bodytronix XT3 Features:

  • 1400x530 Running area for safer fast running
  • 0.8 - 18km/h Speed range
  • 2.5HP motor
  • 140kg Max user weight
  • 1-15% electric auto incline
  • 7" Touchscreen Tablet PC with wifi
  • Patented Shock absorption system, the most powerful shock absorption system on the market
  • Soft PVC running board, another shock absorption system to protect your joints.
  • Multi-function belt massager (included option)
  • Fixed frame (not foldable)

7" Touchscreen control system:

More than just the control system for this advanced treadmill, with the inbuilt 1024x600 7" Touchscreen Tablet PC with Wifi internet connectivity (and built-in stereo speakers), you can install APPs from the PLAY store, watch youtubes, play your favorite music whilst excercising!

OR you can watch from the range of inbuilt speed-sensitive video scenes.

Hide/unhide the dynamic 'campaign' display which shows:
Incline setting, pulse rate, duration, distance, calorific data, and speed. At the end of your session the summary display will show average speed, distance, and total calories burned.





Built in USB port and MP3 Audio socket means you can bring your own pre-recorded entertainment too.

  • Support for ACC, MP3, AMR,OGG, PCM, WMA and other audio files
  • Supports MP4, WMV, M.264, and AVI video formats

Operating the XT3:

You can just jump on and press the START/STOP button and it will start at 0.8kmh. Press the START/STOP button again or remove the magnetic safety device and it will stop.

Press one of the quick-set-speed buttons to change speed to 3, 6, or 9kmh. Press the manual control SPEED ˄ or ˅ buttons to increase or decrease speed.
Pres the INCLINE ˄ or ˅ buttons to increase or decrease incline.

On the XT3 speed and incline buttons are also available on the hand grip/pulse-sensors so you can make alterations without losing your grip.

There are a total of 15 built-in programs and a further 20 slots for the user to enter and save their own programs
Each of the built-in programs is split into 16 segments, each a combination of speed, duration, and incline.

Patented Shock absorption system

Easier on your joints!

The belt massager:

All of our Bodytronix treadmills include a two speed massage belt which can improve abdominal muscle strength.

Massage belts do not generally produce a difference in the body's appearance, most people's abdominal muscles are not readily visible, and the only way to produce a flat, defined stomach is to remove body fat through diet and exercise.

If used in addition to diet and exercise, an abdominal belt may be helpful in producing a toned, defined midsection.

Add weights to work upper body:

All Bodytronix Treadmills come with 2x 500g weights - use to promote muscle building and burn more calories. You should be mindful of safety and ensure that you can maintain proper balance as you perform any arm exercises. Warm-up your muscles with a 10-minute walk and then do some stretching before you incorporate the weights -- this ensures your muscles are ready for weight training exercises.

Use the belt massager frame for crunches:

The belt massager frame has padded bars to rest your knees against whilst using the massager. They can double to hold your ankles so you can do some crunches on the padded running belt. (remove the magnetic safety device first so the treadmill cannot be started!)

$2232 + delivery (less for cash)

Buy direct from the importer and save!

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"NO INTEREST EVER" TERMS available to approved purchaser (via Certegy EZI-PAY)

No drop-shipping, we have these magnificent chairs available for you to try and buy right now from our stock in Daylesford - 5348 6755
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